U. S. Air Force

U. S. Army
Neil Adams Jr. SSG US Army   James Lee McCaden SSG US Army
John Ernest Anderson WO1 US Army   Gerald Lee McDowell SGT US Army
Soloman David Arline Jr. SSG US Army   Clifford Dean Melton SSG US Army
Phillip Fred Arnold WO1 US Army   Palmer Beach Miles SGT US Army
Jessie Lee Barlow SSG US Army   Willie Roy Mobley SP4 US Army
Bernard Barnes PVT US Army   James Jackson Motes CPL US Army
Gernot Bender SSG US Army   Patrick Michael Neville PFC US Army
William Edwin Bernard SSG US Army   Roger Wayne Overstreet CPL US Army
James Curtis Blount SP4 US Army   Henry Pasley SGT US Army
Robert Madison Boles SFC US Army   Jimmie Lee Patrick SSG US Army
Frank Boynton SP4 US Army   Wayne O'Neal Patterson SFC US Army
Douglas Brown PSG US Army   John Richard Penman 1LT US Army
Allen Hayes Caldwell SGT US Army   Richard Bruce Phillips PFC US Army
Patrick Palmer Calhoun 2LT US Army   Eddie Lee Pough SP4 US Army
Welborn A. Callahan Jr. 1LT US Army   William Powell SSG US Army
George Allen Campbell SP4 US Army   Fred Omar Pratt 1LT US Army
Jon Michael Cappaert 2LT US Army   Charles Richard Putnam 1SG US Army
Harold E. Carter SFC US Army   Durward Frank Ray SGT US Army
Billy Earl Clark MSG US Army   Russell Edward Reinel CPT US Army
Milam Edward Cloud PFC US Army   Jaime Restrepo SFC US Army
Esteban Colon-Motas SSG US Army   William Allen Ross PFC US Army
Charles Cook CPL US Army   Jessie Edwin Shannon PFC US Army
William James Cousar SSG US Army   James Charles Sheriff Jr. MAJ US Army
Edward David Crow SGT US Army   John William Simpson Jr. 1LT US Army
James Leroy Davis SGT US Army   Billy Eugene Smith SSG US Army
William DeWitt Davis SSG US Army   Donald Eugene Smith 1LT US Army
Arthur James Earles PFC US Army   Forrest Lloyd Smith SSG US Army
David Dean Eukel PVT US Army   John Raymond Smith CW2 US Army
William Edward Flowers CW2 US Army   Louis Solivan SFC US Army
Paul James Francis 1LT US Army   Jerry Lee Taylor CPT US Army
Rube Alfred Freeman MSG US Army   Robert L. Taylor SFC US Army
Ralph Donald Godfroy SP4 US Army   Johnnie Merritt Tenon SSG US Army
Thomas Henry Green SGM US Army   John Henry Tigner SSG US Army
Billy Monroe Gross SSG US Army   Francisco Luis Valle SFC US Army
David Bartow Hayes SFC US Army   David Walden SFC US Army
David Cleveland Hogan SGT US Army   Jared Bruce Walding WO1 US Army
Daniel Holcomb SSG US Army   Harden Bert Walker 1SG US Army
Jack English Holt PFC US Army   Fredrick Stephen Walters WO1 US Army
Jimmie Howard SSG US Army   Clinton James Weaver CPL US Army
Nelson Jefferson Jr. SFC US Army   Robert Mitchell Webb Jr. 1LT US Army
Donald Ray Johnston SP4 US Army   Philip Bruce Wenrick PFC US Army
Joel Ray Kelly PFC US Army   Harold Lee White PFC US Army
Homer Phillip Kendrick CW2 US Army   Howard Williams SSG US Army
Johnny King SP4 US Army   Moses Williams SGT US Army
Gerald Leopold Latini WO1 US Army   David Collier Wills Jr. SP4 US Army
Ted T. Locklar SGT US Army   DeWitt Joseph Wolf SP4 US Army
Douglas Hugh Lott Jr. SP5 US Army   Charles Wood SFC US Army
William Harold Martin SSG US Army   James Wright CPL US Army
Michael Jay Massey PFC US Army   James Lamar Yarbrough PVT US Army
Emmitt Mays Jr. PVT US Army    

U. S. Coast Guard

U. S. Marine Corps
Ronald Carlis Anderson PFC US Marine Corps
William Calvin Avery PFC US Marine Corps
Curtis Lee Brown PFC US Marine Corps
Franklin Delano Bynum CAPT US Marine Corps
John Granville Call LCPL US Marine Corps
Jack Dempsey Deese SSGT US Marine Corps
Donald Albie Green PFC US Marine Corps
Arvel Hugh Hall PFC US Marine Corps
Nathaniel Holmes PFC US Marine Corps
Calvin Otis Jackson PFC US Marine Corps
David Lee Johnson PFC US Marine Corps
Sterling M. Jones Jr. CPL US Marine Corps
Robert Andrew McGill PFC US Marine Corps
Johnny Ray McKenzie PVT US Marine Corps
Ralph Werner McLendon PFC US Marine Corps
Earnest Perry PFC US Marine Corps
Charles Thomas Powell SGT US Marine Corps
Rodney Terrance Pratt PFC US Marine Corps
Robert Joseph Smith PFC US Marine Corps

U. S. Navy
Willie Lewis Brooks PO3 US Navy

Please feel free to submit the names and photos or your servicemen that fought in Vietnam. Please include branch and rank. This page is in tribute to the many local servicemen from this area.

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