U. S. Air Force
Robert F. Parks Sr. TSGT US Air Force
Edward Julius Williams CAPT US Air Force

U. S. Army
Charlie Abercrombie PVT US Army
Alfred L. Alexander CPL US Army
William W. Atkinson SGT US Army
Joseph F. Campbell PVT US Army
William L. Carter PVT US Army
George B. Claridy CPL US Army
John Melvin Cook MAJ US Army
Lawrence E. Cooper CPL US Army
Johnny M. Corley PFC US Army
Samuel Streit Coursen 1LT US Army
Charles Junior Crews PFC US Army
Jerone C. Crocker PVT US Army
William H. Crowe 2LT US Army
Loren George Dubois CPT US Army
William T. Durham CPL US Army
Shelby Freeman Elliott PVT US Army
William C. Ennis SFC US Army
James F. Exley 1LT US Army
Willie Lee Fredrick SFC US Army
Donald S. Goodman 2LT US Army
Johnny W. Grant PVT US Army
Robert Edwin Graves CPL US Army
Bobby J. Halstead PFC US Army
Tommie T. Hanks PFC US Army
Ellis Harris PFC US Army
James C. Harris PVT US Army
George H. Hendricks Jr. CPL US Army
Albert C. Hutto CPL US Army
John W. Jones CPL US Army
William Kirshfield SGT US Army
Harry H. Knotts SFC US Army
Otis O. Lane 1LT US Army
Jasper Little PFC US Army
Curtis C. McCrary SFC US Army
Delmas McNeal SFC US Army
James Z. McReary SGT US Army
William C. Moore PFC US Army
Joe B. Nicholson SGT US Army
Bascomb M. Oppert CPL US Army
David L. Parmer 2LT US Army
James M. Powell SFC US Army
Odren Ralph Pullin CPL US Army
Billy J. Rhodes PFC US Army
Charles A. Richards SFC US Army
Eugene Roberson SGT US Army
Robert S. Roberts 1LT US Army
Roy E. Rouse PFC US Army
John Mathew Russ PFC US Army
Derwood W. Sims 1LT US Army
Paul L. Singleton CPT US Army
Harry Smith PFC US Army
Jessie C. Smith SFC US Army
John Snipe SGT US Army
James P. Stevens PVT US Army
James S. Streetman Jr. SFC US Army
Mott Taylor Jr. SGT US Army
William E. Templin 2LT US Army
Reuben Thompkins MSG US Army
Robert Earl Thompson PVT US Army
James A. Thweatt PFC US Army
Clinton C. Tice PFC US Army
Marvin Turner CPL US Army
Clifton W. Waldron SGT US Army
John Morrison Washington PVT US Army
Otis B. Weeks SGT US Army
Silas W. Wilson SFC US Army
Norman Young SFC US Army

U. S. Coast Guard

U. S. Marines

U. S. Navy
Clifford Murry Henderson Jr. SN US Navy

Please feel free to submit the names and photos or your servicemen that fought in Korea. Please include branch and rank. This page is in tribute to the many local servicemen from this area.

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