Company "D" Southern Guard

F. G. Wilkins

1st James N. Ramsey
2d Geo. W. Atkinson
3d W. R. Turman
1st Lawrence W. Wall
2d James W. Dennis
3d James M. Wiley
4th James J. Lovelace
5th Chas. H. Althiser
1st Peter Key
2d Thomas Sweet
3d Wm. H. Thompson
4th M. G. Watson

William F. Allen
Wilkins Brooks
Reason Banks
Wm. H. Bryant
Chas. W. Baker
Frank Bussey
John Barker
Wm. Baker
James Clegg
Wm. Benton
Robert H. Clinton
Frank Collier
Luke Conly
George W. Cooper
Seaborn Cook
Junius Currence
Burwell M. Denson
Richard Deshaser
Christopher Edwards
Stephen Etchinson
Patrick Foran
J. E. Flynn
Nath. C. Ferguson
William L. Foyle
Jno. Fletcher
Wm. Hall
Moses Hall
James Henderson
John P. Hellings
Jos. B. Hagans
Wm. Holstead
Seaborn L. Jones
Randolph Key
Drewry A. Lawrence
Mat. Murphy
James McElrath
George Magnus
Richard Massey
John C. McCurdy
Milton Malone
Alex. McDaniel
Leva D. Matthews
James H. Nix
Vincent Ogletree
Levi D. Phelps
David Purcell
John Chappel Reese
Aug. B. Ridenhour
T. J. Smith
Lewis Simmons
Jason T. Smith
Thos. Sturdevant
John W. Seats
Isaac Smith
Geo. F. Taylor
J. W. Tucker
Jeptha Wiggins
James Wood
Jacob P. White
Clayton Wilson
Leonard H. Young
A. P. Sanderland
James Lynah
James P. Lawrence

Georgia Grays

John F. Iverson
Captain, promoted Colonel in December, 1862

W. E. Sandeford, 1st Lieutenant, resigned 1861.
W. L. Salisbury, 2d Lieutenant, elected Major, 11th May, 1861.
L. M. Burrus, Bvt. 2d Lieutenant, promoted Captain, 1862.
W. J. Dillon, Sergeant, elected Lieutenant, 1861, discharged, May, 1862.
W. R. Wood, Sergeant.
J. N. M. Reese, Sergeant, elected Lieutenant, 1861.
A. T. Calhoun, Sergeant, elected Lieut., 1862.
W. I. Strupper, Corporal, promoted 5th Sergt., 1861.
T. Ribero, Corporal, killed at Chickamauga, September 19th, 1863.
John Barber, Corporal, discharged.
M. V. Cook, Corporal, wounded at Murfreesboro.

R. Anthony
John Avery, missing
Eli M. Averett, elected Lieutenant in 1862
G. Banks, wounded and discharged Dec. 31, 1862, at battle Murfreesboro
W. Banks
A. J. Boland, transferred to 2d Ga. Battalion
T. Brown, killed at Chickamauga, September 19, 1803
J. Baxley
Richard Brannon
T. Carrol, discharged, August, 1862
J. P. Chapman
W. Carington, discharged, lost leg at Murfreesboro
J. Courtney discharged from wounds
William Clark, discharged from wounds
Henry Clay, discharged
Sidney Crow
J. Davies, transferred
J. M. Dennis, discharged
Charles Dever, discharged
Thornton Dukes, died at Pensacola, Fla.
____ Ellis
John Everitt, wounded at Murfreesboro
Thomas Everett, first killed from Columbus, October 9th, 1861, at battle Santa Rosa, Fla.
George Fackler, discharged from severe wounds at Murfreesboro, Dec. 31, 1862
George Hammond, discharged
____ Hammock, died
Daniel Hoopaugh, missing
L. P. Jepson, transferred to artillery
J. D. Johnson, died at Tazewell, Tenn.
A. S. Johnson, discharged
J. Jefferson, discharged
T. J. Jones, discharged
T. Jones, discharged
J. W. Jones, discharged
Jack Keenan, discharged
____ Kemp, died
Joseph Little, discharged
Milton Long, died
George Lapham, transferred
J. C. Leslie, transferred and killed at Petersburg, 1864
Asa Lynch
P. H. Madden, discharged
J. Maddox, transferred to engineer corps
E. McEachren, transferred
J. Marler, died
Tom Nobles
Wm. Newman
J. T. Ogletree, transferred to Company A, 2d Battalion Sharp Shooters, and promoted 1st Lieutenant
F. M. Parkman
Julius Prager, missing
John Quin, transferred to engineer corps
Martin Riley, transferred to 2d Battalion Georgia Sharp Shooters
W. H. Robarts
J. Robinson
T. C. Robinson, discharged, April 1862, and joined 1st Bat. Georgia Sharp Shooters
J. M. Robinson, transferred to Washington Artillery, Feb., 1862
Jasper Rooke, died
Lewis Sheline, missing
G. W. Shearer, wounded at Murfreesboro, December 31, 1862
James Short, killed at Chickamauga, 19th September, 1863
G. Smith, discharged
J. Smith, missing
Jep Smith, transferred to 2d Battalion Ga. Sharp Shooters
George Snell, discharged
Larry Sturges. discharged
Martin Surles, died
L. B. Townsley
____ Taylor, transferred to Sharp Shooters
____ Vandenberg
Barney Veasey, died at Chattanooga, 1863
Hamp Wagner, transferred orderly to Gen. Hardee
W. Ward, killed at Murfreesboro, Dec. 31, 1862
____ Willis, discharged
R. A. Wood, transferred and elected Capt. 41st Georgia
Joseph Wood
Jason Yarbrough, transferred to 2d Georgia Battalion Sharp Shooters
Needham Averitt
L. P. Aenchbacker, promoted Corpl, wounded at Chickamauga, September 19th, 1863
Joseph Barnes, deserted
Chas. Kendall, discharged
John Crouch
John E. W. Henderson
A. H. Allen
J. H. Almonds, died
J. L. Baskin, died
Cornelius Bachelor
J. Bradford, died
W. S. Bradford, killed at Chickamauga, 19th September, 1863
A. J. S. Brooks, died from wounds at Chickamauga 19th September, 1803
Maynard Corley
J. J. Davis
A. L. Davis
J. K. Freeman:
U. L. Guthrie, killed at Chickamauga, Sept. 19th, 1863
H. R. Hannah
R. L. Hern
W. A. Jackson
J. A. Lovelace
F. M. McHugh
M. L. McKee
John G. Merck, died
John Ogle, died
J. D. Pittman
R. Rumsey
T. J. Roe, died
J. E. Smith
J. E. Stockwell
U. R. Taylor
J. Taylor
A. J. Widner
LeGrand Guerry, wounded at Murfreesboro, Dec. 31, 1862
A. Jones
Wesley Gilbert

"Georgia Guards"

D. B. Thompson

1st, Henry McCauley;
2d Charles A. Klink;
Brevet 2d, P. Gittinger. Jr.

1st, Thos. J. Cay;
2d, Thomas Sweet;
3d, John H. Weeks;
4th, George Potter.
1st, Frank Goldsmith;
2d, A. J. Snipes;
3d, J. R. Horton;
4th, W. J. Langston.

Quartermaster: J B. Aquem
Commissary: John H. Madden

C. Arnold
M. J. Anthony
William J. Bird
James Brock
J. A. Boswell
J. W. Cone
Willis Cook
H. Cannon
William Cone
F. Curtem
T. Comer
Henry Corry
W. M. Davis
J. Davis
Thomas Donnovan
R. P. Falford
Peter Finnigan
John Foran
E. A. Gossette
Thomas Graves
W. M. Hally
S. W. Hall
H. H. Hall
George Hall
J. W. Hall
C. Hargroves
Jas. M. Jones
C. Johnson
J. H. Jones
Henry Jones
Henry Langley
J. B. Lewis
A. Murphy
J. Martin
W. McMichael
J. T. Mullins
L. Maddox
William Murray
D. Purcell
Charles Owens
W. Riley
G. B. Ragan
J. Riley
A. Smith
William Singleton
J. Turner
P. Wry
M. T. Walker
G. W. Lavar

Please feel free to submit the names and photos or your servicemen that fought in the Civil War. Please include branch of service and rank. This page is in tribute to the many local servicemen from this area.

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